The Geographical Position

Situated at the mouth of two rivers Bosut and Studva, Morovic is located 100km west from Belgrade and just 4km from Belgrade - Zagreb highway. It is located 90 km from Novi Sad across Iriski venac and 70 km across Ilok, Croatia.

Source of both rivers is in Croatia and in the very center of Morovic Studva flows into Bostan. Almost 15 km downstream Bosut flows into the Sava river. Morovic is situated in the heart of forest, 22 000 hectares of the famous oak tree, with the altitude of 80m.

Morovic and its wilderness have enormous potential in the field of hunting and fishing, since in addition to these two rivers there are multiple channels, pounds and two fish pounds in a very heart of a forest.
The river banks here are ideal for fishing, even the European competition was held here in mid seventies.


Morović is a very old settlement, which is confirmed by archaeological excavations that have found traces of prehistoric life near the village. According to the excavations there have been found the Roman cemetery and a large collection of silver Roman coins from the mid-third century AD. Morovic itself is a living legend.

Perhaps one of the most interesting story is that St. Methodius (Cyril and Methodius), ruled here for some time as archbishop of Pannonia. So, Moravia is actually Morović.

It is supposed that Morović was named after an old feudal family Morovic that ruled this area until the end of the thirteenth century.

In the beginning Morović was only a property and it was not mentioned as a castle - fortress (oppidum, castrum Maroth) until the sixteenth century. In the map of Hungary from the sixteenth century Maroth is quite clearly marked. 
After the extinction of the family Morović in 1464. Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus surrendered Morovic into the hands of his son Ivanis (along with the remaining 60 seats). Ivaniš Corwin ruled Morović until the year of 1504. when he died. Afterwards it is returned back to captain Vladislav More.


Isolated from noise and surrounded by forests and rivers from all sides, you can enjoy and relax in the untouched nature. Rivers are rich in fishes, so fishing is interesting to everybody no matter the ages. Being surrounded by forests Morović is ideal habitat for wildlife of all kinds. Constantly cultivated species are deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and rabbit, wetlands offer the ideal habitat for wetland birds, including mallard. All species are free for hunting. 

There is also available grass football court, running track, walking trails, touring carriage as an option. It is likely to get face to face with deer and wild boar in their natural environment.

Beside an extensive nature, numerous cultural and historical monuments can be found in this region. The most famous monasteries are in Privinoj glavi, churches in Molovin and Morovic, Sid, Berkasovo, an archaeological site named Gradina, the tomb of Filip Visnjic, the remains of a Roman bath with mineral water in Erdevik, memorial complex "Sremski Front" and so on.

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